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12th-Apr-2009 06:00 pm - Madre mia!
No puedo creerlo, te juro que no lo supero
PAUL BANKS ES EL NOVIO DE HELENA CHRISTENSEN!!!! DIOS DE MI VIDA ¨*faints*  sus hijos van a salir hermosos no mameees!!! ahhhh, no puedo creerlo, pero me alegra, la verdad me agrada que este con alguien que ademas de ser superbonita (ex-modelo con cerebro no como la nueva esposa de sarkozy)
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11th-Apr-2009 10:44 pm(no subject)
dana_duchovny  junjou, colored layouts and nice stock icons
scherrice animanga, wallies, layouts FO etc
athenazandrite skip beat super -large- icons  stock
loveonmute  new  icon comm 

you'll die
"Female weeaboos usually have LiveJournals filled with entries about they hate those unlike them or how some bishounen character is so "SUPER KAWAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!" fck!

Answer yes or no to each of these questions. Are you a normal person or a weeaboo who needs to become a hero? Let this quiz decide for you.

* Do you buy/read manga?Yes
* Do you watch anime?Yes
* Do you have a DeviantART account?Yes, but never used it
* Have you been to an anime con?Yes, once to meet up with a friend, second time with my friends after a pijama party and third and last because I was with a friend who met up with other people there XP.
* Have you ever made an AMV?Yes, it was gundam wing one a few years ago xP
* Do you use the ^_^, T_T, ., etc. expressions? Yes o_ó
* Have you ever enjoyed a Japanese product or thought of doing so?Yes (if Pocky does count XD)

Did you answer "yes" to more than 10-15 of the questions? You might be a weeaboo or becoming one. Take shelter--NOW! (all this taken from anti-weaaboos group in Crunchyroll)

Got 7, lately I was wondering a lot why my world is sort of spinning around japanese stuff again....well at least food is a matter I'll never like from them XD~ Gosh...

Uber Sillyness placed on my LJ, ack, and this is supposed to be the day I shouldn't have eyes for anything than Lord, sorry God
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3rd-Apr-2009 10:02 pm - Lista no trascendental de Must do!
this means done,  this almost discarted
Ok, Movies I've to see
Savage Grace (dl XP)
Quantum of solace
Mamma Mia!

TV I've to find/watch
La Belle Persone
House 4th &  5th season and DVDs
Gossip Girl 1st DVD's & 2nd season
Dirty Sexy Money 1st & 2nd season
The mentalist? Dollhouse?

Anime I've to finish watching
Lovely Complex
Gatekeepers and OVAS

Antique Bakery
Romeo x Juliet
Sailor Moon (latin american dub)
Slam Dunk -sendoh *_*-(latin american dub)
MKR?? -2nd season XP?-(latin american dub)

CCsakura -missing epi-(latin american dub)
Ai no kusabi
Paradise Kiss
Ouran Host blabla
before get 'picada' -I believe the word it's hooked- with
Ristorante Paradiso
Pandora Hearts
hansekeru seishounen
Nodame Cantabile

because I haven't started watching it XP

Kare Kano
Candidate for goddess
Lagoon Engine

Skip Beat

Walls (14+many) & renders/PNGs (8)!

Satoshi lone, SatoKrad, Daisuke Desert, Skip Beat tv tokyo, Skip Beat Hit me!, Chii experimental, HiroNowaki almost kiss, Junjou coffee Starbucks XD, Junjou minimum, Egoist raining, Egoist white scarf, Romantica pink/red tie, Ulquiorra true dispair, mmm, oh! and the redone ones....and a YUMI TADA one!!!

+end coding pixella & possible OMG!
+upload still in love


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31st-Mar-2009 09:10 pm - Porque me martirizo pk? pk?

de Photobucket a esto Photobucket
happy about it? NO
happy about anything? F%CK NO
Nervous about tomorrow? Hell yeah!

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